Located in Prince Edward County, Ontario, we offer guided goose, duck and turkey hunts.

Goose Hunts

Hit the fields in a layout blind for some incredible goose hunting that is second to none. We set you up for some real excitement. Ready to have some fun? Book your hunt today! 

Duck Hunts

From puddlers to divers, big lake hunts to swamp blinds – we have it all! Test your limits with extreme duck hunts in the ice flows of Lake Ontario! You will never forget the experience. 

Turkey Hunts

New to turkey hunting? We’ve got you covered! Our seasoned guides can’t wait to introduce you to your newest addiction – one on one. Let us show you how it’s done!

Expert Guides

Meet the guys! 

Dan Phillips

Dan Phillips

Morley Dayton

Morley Dayton

Rob Dunlop

Rob Dunlop


Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada


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For Duck & Goose inquiries:

Morley (613) 921 9114

For Turkey inquiries:

Dan (613) 885 8796

Rob (613) 403 0800



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